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Friday, January 23, 2009

Updates on CPSIA

Seems my blog comes up when someone searches "CPSIA Update" among other CPSIA related searches, so, I gues I oughtta give you what you pay for. LOL

As of today Friday, January 23, 2009 the CPSIA Law is still holding fast. The original law for lead compliance and testing is still on the "go ahead" for the first phase of lead testing compliancy.
On February 10, 2009 (Bankruptcy Day), any item for a child 12 and under, must come complete with a lead compliance certificate. i.e.: If you are a VENDOR (the retailer, person who sells the merchandise) you must require these certs from your MANUFACTURER, your supplier. As of today (holding my breath as things change sometimes) using XRF technology is deemed a "reasonable testing method" for lead.
This rule is for ALL items; clothing, books, crafts, toys, shoes, toothbrushes... You get the picture.
I personally have not experienced any testing on my items. I find it redundant to spend so much money on my small stock at this time. I barely have anything anymore, and do not have time right now to make anything (except for the Boutique FELONY launch, hee-hee).
HOWEVER.... Flip over to CPSIA Cheerleader and read Olivia's experience from her Testing Party last Tuesday. She gets right to the point and tells it like it is.

Now, after peeking in on chats, forums and reading bits and pieces, I see that there are so many people who do not know the definitions of some RETAIL words. So I am going to try and define them for you here:
  • RETAILER: A business which sells goods to the consumer. Like Walmart or Pink Zebra Boutique. A storefront.
  • RESELLER: One who buys goods from a manufacturer and sells them to customers unchanged. Not much different than a retailer, but its more like investing than retail.
  • WHOLESALER: Person or firm that buys large (or small) quantities of product from vendors, warehouses them and then resells to retailers. Like a middle-man.
  • MANUFACTURER: Entity that makes a good through a process involving raw materials, components, or assemblies. Commonly used interchangebly with producer.
A CRAFTER, someone who makes handmade anything: bows, toys, paintings, clothing. We use raw materials, combine with our hands (wave a magic wand, LOL) and we have manufactured something. We, my friends, are the manufacturers, and we, by that default, are the parties responsible for having our items tested for lead before they are sold to ANYONE retailers included.

The other reason I wanted to define these words was to try and clear up a short (raw) video of Julie Valesse when she was trying to talk herself out the interview she was in. She kept saying "reseller" when she was referring to second hand stores (who sell childrens items). The people who work in Resale shops are NOT "resellers". They are simply retail salespeople who work in a store that sells second hand items. There is nothing different about them than me selling items in my store, excepting the fact that I make mine...
I feel like I am writing in circles tonight.
Last week, a letter was written to Nancy Nord, the Chairman of CPSC. They were demanding of her.... time, decisions, ideas.... etc. Which is good, don't get me wrong!! One could only hope she would get the hint that she has been less than expedient regarding anything that has to do with CPSIA. Lets say shes been sloth-like. I personally would not be suprised if she were to just up and quit---step down and let some other bozo take over this mess of a law!! (I WOULD!!) Waxman, the author, asked for some clarifications on CPSIA. Everyone I know has their fingers crossed... But in the real world, having any kind of change will not happen before February 10.
That is why "reasonable" testing HAS to be done.
That brings me to Obama. After his innaguration, he put a stop, or stay, on all things in motion that Bush had not finished or signed. CPSIA was NOT one of them!!! CPSIA is already a law that has been passed. There is NO motion anymore. The only thing they (congress & Henry Waxman) can do is make some amendments. IF they want to. IF they feel like it.
Thats my wrap up of what is happening in my little world. I spend my days on Tweet Deck, following all the #CPSIA chatter, checking my Google Alerts for related blogs and news items and answering emails. Just trying to keep up with any news. I have also been calling Senators, newspapers, Legislators and even my Attorney General. Gonna bug the poop out of everyone until they take notice of this poorly written piece of legislation, and then change it to something we can all work with.
Here are some blogs for you to read. I do. They keep me in the loop as well. Its always nice to read someone elses point of view. They get more of it than I do!! LOL
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I hope this post helps you or least gets you the information you were looking for!!