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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Showing the Houston Texans a Little Luv

I just entered a sewing contest at a local reputable sewing shop. I only found out about it 2 days ago, and with all my Homecoming Overalls, I had no time to "make" a new entry. So, I grabbed Lindsey's Texan Jacket and made a twirly skirt to match from Licensed Texan fabric. Something I have not made since my Pink Zebra days!! I was surprised that I remembered how!! LOL I added a little bling to the jacket, snapped some pictures and I was off to submit my entry.
I never win contests, but then, I really never enter anymore either. However, they are awarding 4 top notch machines, one for each category!! And everyone knows, I REALLY NEED A NEW MACHINE!!! Mine has been fabulous. Absolutely amazing. I have made billions of items with it. I even hauled it to North Carolina and made something for my brother and his new wife when they got married. It was probably the best investment I have ever made in my entire life.
Now, I hope my work pleases the judges and they choose my work and award me one of those shiny beauties so I can put it to work!!!
Here is what I made:

From the phone photo IMG_58299719317662_zps1d547146.jpg
From the phone photo IMG_58308092271125_zpsddd2c3c0.jpg
From the phone photo IMG_58314311956627_zps7fee06cf.jpg
From the phone photo IMG_58322686343508_zps02b3f7ca.jpg
One last unofficial picture, cuz Nosey Rosie was afraid of the nearby thunder, and had to be *rightnexttome*
From the phone photo IMG_58288539374865_zpse3a10b00.jpg
Love these girls. Rosie and Lindsey. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Obra D, Tompkins Homecoming Overalls!!

Tompkins Falcons, Your Homecoming is sneaking up on us... October 24th!!! Need to get your order in quick!! Spaces are filling up... I am ready to come to your house with fabric samples and pictures of goodies to adorn your overalls with...
Contact me HERE to set up your home consult.
Just so you can see what else is on the market, I have made a couple of comparison pictures for you....
On left is an iron-on & painted pair, on the right is my sewn appliqued pair. AND, moms, from what I have read, the price for the iron-ons &paint is $120-150... so for a few $$ more, you can have heirloom quality, applique wearable art!! My overalls will last for years... Even for Homecoming in say, 20 years??

a falcon 2 photo falconscompare2_zps2788f0b1.jpg
a falcon photo falconcompare_zps674ebe31.jpg
(...my falcon covers the whole bib, not just that little spot on the back, where your hair covers it. LOUD & PROUD FALCONS!!!)
a falcon 1 photo falconscompare3_zpsdd2bea65.jpg

The choice is yours.
In fact, I have THIS pair of overalls complete!! (Except for your name, which I will add when I get payment)
$200 all inclusive.Includes overalls, artwork and BLING. If you were to order them custom, the cost would be $195 WITHOUT the overalls. I'm only charging 5 bucks for those!! C:


I will gladly deliver them to your home!!
Feel fre to contact me with ANY questions you might have!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last Chance Spartans!!!

 photo DSC00356.jpg
Last day to order your KraftyMommas Custom appliqued Overalls for Homecoming 2013!! (Thursday, 12 September 2013)
((I MIGHT extend until tomorrow if you secure your spot))

:0) Trevor

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cinco Friends Sport Krafty Homecoming Overalls

Brooke and Courtney show off their new 2013 Homecoming Overalls!!

 photo 20130902_195803_zps9aca589d.jpg
 photo 20130902_195728_zps6128c466.jpg
 photo 20130902_195824_zps0f556187.jpg
 photo 20130902_192613_zps5ae6feb6.jpg
I hope y'all are having a fabulous day!!
I still have an opening for 7 Lakes...One last opening. Are YOU ready????

Schedule your appointment HERE

:0) Trevor

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Taylor and Cinco Orders are CLOSED

My order book filled up quickly this year!! I cannot take any more orders for Taylor or Cinco Ranch. I have 2 spots open for 7 Lakes and 3 spots open for Katy. I also have availability for Morton Ranch.
Hope you are having a great day!!!
=:) Trevor

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Short Cut to Homecoming Overalls??

Gosh, it sure is hot at Homecoming time here in Texas!!!!
Ever think to yourself, "Who talked me into to wearing the heaviest pair of denim overalls in the world, all day, all night, in the scorching heat???"
Problem solved. Shortalls. KraftyMommasStyle.

Lindsey and I photo mrhsshortalls002_zps9acaf0eb.jpg
I made a pair of Maverick Overalls for the Pep Rally last week. Same look, shorter style, and I did not sweat my bum off!!!
shortalls front photo mrhsshortalls004_zps41dbdbe0.jpg
Mavericks!! photo mrhsshortalls005_zps36192197.jpg
shortall back photo mrhsshortalls006_zps17414a95.jpg
Cute, coming and going!!
lettering photo mrhsshortalls009_zpsfde5b86f.jpg
These would be seeewwww cute paired with a cowboy hat, zebra leggings and black cowboy boots!!!
Just putting this out there for all you girls looking to be different, fun and comfy. Finding shortalls is easier, and sewing them up for you is easier... so the price is easier too!!!
:0) Trevor