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Monday, July 28, 2008

New Listing

I listed some super cute Rooster Kimono Booties on Etsy a little while ago and everyone seems to LOVE them. But after 5 emails asking what I have to match, I decided it was time to list some Onesies to match!! DONE!!
You can find them here.

Happy shopping!!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Texas Wildlife

Growing up in California, I do not remember the wildlife so much. I was either concentrating on *me* or there just was not much around. I do remember the occasional raccoon coming in our dog door to eat dog food on McKissick Street and the dead *something* that crawled into our bathroom sewer pipe and died. But thats about it. No bugs, no lizards..
Anyhoo, yesterday morning I peeked out my back door and saw a baby Blue Jay learning to get out about on his own. He was hopping back and forth between my lounge chair and the big 'ole Texas sized bar-b-que we have.
I got about 10 shots before Mom started dive bombing me.
I think he's cute. A face only a Mom could love.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kimmie!!!

I know, I know. This is probably something you would rather I did NOT blog about!! Sorry, Charlie. You have been my BEST friend since time began!! Suck it up.
42. Wowza!!
So, whats on the plan for your birthday today??
I was thinking about some of your past birthdays.... Heh-heh.
Remember your 21st????
San Francisco. The club that burned down. We drove into the city, had a couple beers (Saporro??) in the parking lot across the street. There were a couple other girls with us... and for the life of me I cannot remember their names. They went to SJ State with you.
Anyhow, we went into the club and then left again before midnight so you could be stamped 21 and get drinks. Leagally. :0)
I remember the shot buying frenzy. Oh, do I remember. Komokazies, tequilla, buttery nipples. Yalza.
We hit the Paladium for some underground and then I drove home, cuz I was the least drunk.
You puked for an hour when we got home. LOL
Back in time.
Remember all the SWIMMING parties your Mom did for you?? In the back yard of Via Dominguez?? Your MOM must have been CRAZY!!!!
Taking on a backyard full of young girls who could barely swim. Not only that, but your brothers were little and she had to watch them too. Talk about a SuperMom. She would put on a spread of food like a freakin' restaurant. I think everyone in school wanted to be your best friend so they could attend your birthday parties.
And then the sleep overs. Complete with BBQ NY strips and homemade pasta. (*Secret ingredient is melted butter) Your Mom is the bomb.
And I am 42 and just realizing how much your Mom did for you and your brothers. I guess sometimes it takes being a Mom to realize how much they do for you when you are young.
So, my bestest friend, Kim, this blog post is dedicated to you and all the happy memories of growing up being the luckiest person in the world to be YOUR best friend.
I so miss you. I wish I could teleport myself to CA and be there for a night on the town as 40-something Moms. (Cougars???)
My thoughts are with you, about you and wishing you the best birthday yet.
(I hope this is an acceptable substitute for a mailed birthday card...)
I love you!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Senior Midnight

Us girls (Lauren, Lindsey & I) rescued a tiny black kitten about 3 months ago.
Here's the scenario:
The Three of us are walking through our neighborhood and turn onto the main road leading to our house. A van pulls to the side and a little boy jumps out, clutching a tiny black ball of fur. He walks over to the fence behind one of those big covered electrodes. He is stuffing the furball under a fence on a min street. His Mom is shouting to him in Spanish, some directions. She sees us approaching. She hurries the little boy to the car as we get close. (By this time, I have seen everything and know just whats going on. I have whispered to the girls to go and get the kitten.) The girls run over to the fence and grab the kitty. The little boy gets away from his mom and comes to tell us in his broken English that he can't keep the little black kitten. Mom faces me (embarrassed, I can tell), tells me, "I cannot keep this little cat. I have no place in my house for an animal." *Duh, lady, I can see you have no idea how to care for a tiny baby animal* I tell her, "I will take this kitty and find him a proper home." All the while trying to keep a calm manner and not cuss her out. The whole time I was thinking, How would you react if someone was stuffing your 4 week old baby under a fence??
That was rescue number one.
A neighbor Dad thought it would be nice to have a kitty around and decided to keep him.
Mom came home and said, no way, Jose.
The kitty then went across the street to yet another neighbors house. After a few days, I learned that the little girl was forced to give the kitty up... To yet ANOTHER neighbor!!! Um, but not a family where the kitty would be taken care of.
The tiny black kitty ended up in the hands of people who do not feed their animals animal food, put flea collars on them or get them spayed or neutered. Not to mention shots.
Poor kitty.
After a couple weeks down there, the kitty followed L & L home and played at our house!!! He was so sweet.... But DH is allergic to kitties, so he could not come in.
We decided to bring him to The Pink Zebra. So for 2 weeks, he went to work with us each day, and came home to live in the yard at night. He got so much love and attention, not to mention a full belly!!
Rescue number two. Done.
One morning, he was missing when it was time to go to work!!!HOLY!!!
The girls found him down at the not-so-pet-worthy neighbors house... IN the house. The girl who had him was taunting the girls and made them cry.
The next day... Heh-heh.... Little Black Kitty was outside and Lauren stole him back!!!! GO LAUREN!!!!!
Ever since that day, he has been the kitty of Pink Zebra!!!
Rescue three, and three's a charm!!!
We named him Midnight.
The Katy Hardware staff has adopted him as well. Giving him snacks and treats out the back door.
So, the poor 4 month old little black rescued kitty, named Midnight, has lived a Seinfeld Episode in his short lifetime.
Here are a couple more pictures of him and the girls doing their thing in the shop.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
If you ever get the chance to rescue an animal, be it at the Humane Society or from some *wrongful* owners. DO IT!!! It'll make you as warm and fuzzy and the one you rescue. It's the right thing to do.

Have a happy day!!!
T, L, L & M

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paint... Ahhhh, Glorious Paint!!

I finished the High Chair. Well, it is not quite a normal high chair, as it is missing the tray. So I guess it could now be called a Kid's Dining table Chair?? It pulls right up to the table, but it is built for a small bootie, like a 2 years olds, LOL

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I am REALLY happy with the design, the colors and everything. Although, when I went to seal it, I bought VARNISH. Ewwwww. Wrong product, kinda. After it dried, it made everything slightly opaque, so I had to sand the entire thing with the lightest paper available and reseal it with LAQUER. UGH. Whatta mess. I wish the cans (or the salespeople) would be more informative. It could have been an ugly mess that could not have been fixed without stripping the entire project and starting from scratch. I did waste $5 on the varnish however....
So, now I am looking for a new project to paint. Any suggestions? Any requests? How about a theme? Whatchya got? I need some fresh ideas. Anyone have a room decor to match??


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scooby's Here!!

My groupmate, Shanon of 3 Angels Accessories, had a baby BOY yesterday!!!
I would love to welcome Trey!!!

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Congratulations Shanon!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OK. So, I love to take pictures of silly things.

I got this pattern back in April, for little Kimono Style Booties. For Babies.
Each time I make some, I make a "batch". Each batch has it's own personality and for some reason, I feel the need to photograph them in configurations like a marching band. They are like little people, each with a different personality.

I know, lock me up and throw away the key.

Here is my last batch and the fun they had while I photographed them.... LMBO!!!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Would'nt it be COOL????

I was just thinking about my Dad.
He lives all the way over on the East Coast.... Charlotte, North Carolina.
He is an awesome wood craftsman. He made my KING sized bed frame, and I love it to pieces.
I was thinking, how cool would it be if lived closer to me (or me to him?) and we could work TOGETHER!!!!
He could design and build me kid sized furniture, and I could paint it!!!!

*Just dreamin'*

The Trevormeister :0)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I took the Pledge

To buy (and sell) Handmade!!
Designer Y of Designing Minds reminded me why buying Handmade is so important!!!
Read her post here to get the details. I love her wording!!!!
I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org
You can take the pledge as well, by clicking on the banner above.
((Dad, I expect you to do this too, what with all that cabinet and woodworking you do!!))
Off to work at Babin's, the BESTEST Seafood ever!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


... The PAINT zone, that is!!! :0)
Let me just say, I LOVE FREECYCLE!!! What's Freecycle?? Its a Yahoo Group, where you join like any other Yahoo Group, but this involves giving away stuff you don't need, and taking what you do need. Don't throw things away and fill up all the dumps... GIVE your uneeded things to someone who can USE them. It's so cool!!
You can learn more about it here. You can join one close to where you live!!
Anyhow, I get my Freecycle emails every day and I look through them for various things. I ALWAYS have a mental list of things I want, but won't go buy. LOL Today a wooden High Chair came up and I was lucky enough to grab it. I want to paint it for inside the shop. Its a kid shop with barely any kid furniture (I really need a wooden kid table with chairs, hint-hint).
Here it is after I attacked it with some primer. (I forgot to snap the pics before the primer...)Photobucket

And here it is after I got a bit of paint on it!!! It is not done.... I have some fine tuning to do and some other zebras I want to hide!!
Anyhow, I got nothing else done... No laundry, no cooking, no sewing... Ahhh The world of procrastination.
There is nothing like a painting project to relax the body and mind.

I hope you all had a wonderful day today. I did.
I need to rummage through the garage so I can find a few cool things to offer.
One person's trash, is someone elses treasure!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

School Starts WHEN????

It will be August 25th before I see this blessed sight....
The school bus, rollin' down my street!!!

My poor, poor, bored little girls. Summer is 'sposed to be for swimming every day, sleepovers every weekend, bar-b-ques and snow cones.
They've been swimming, they have had sleep overs, we BBQ every now and then and they get a snow cone almost every day!! What's wrong with that??
Oh, I know!!! They spend all day, every day, keeping shop with me. LOL They have to clean up their messes so a customer does not trip and break their leg. They have to sing into the Swiffer thingie like a microphone, while playing cool music videos on the laptop. They have to love on the kitty they rescued.
I long for a couple of school days so I can sew, sell and chat with customers without the inevitable "Mom, I want a snow cone." "Mom, I'm bored." I swear my customers must think I have the most ill-behaved children in Katy!!
I sure will miss them, on that fateful day in August, when the big yellow bus comes rumbling down my street. ((NOT!!))

Today was uneventful. I am painting an old Wagon with wooden slat sides. I received it from a fellow FreeCycler. It was old and without ANY paint left. So, Krafty Me is painting white and pink with a black base. I may do zebra stripes... Not sure yet. It was pretty thirsty, and it is drinking all my paint!! I'll post a pic when I finish to show it off. I like to do that!!

Gus, my landlord, cooked a lunch of hot dogs for us today. Yum!! They came on Honey wheat buns!! During lunch, some friends of mine stopped by to check out the new location of the shop. It was fun to chat and catch up!! Hi Gramma Julie!! Hi Sheri!!!

Oh, all that sewing I was going to do last night?? Ummmm... well, uh, yea. Cuddled with the girls on the couch and enjoyed having a night off in which I COULD sit on the couch and do nothing.
Let's see what I can accomplish tonight??

Hi J!!!! :0)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My very FIRST Blog post....

Welcome!! This is my very first time trying to blog... But I felt it was time to start. Better dive in-Everyone's doing it!!
So... a little about me.
I am a Mom, first and foremost... A clothing designer and a Boutique owner. I have 3 kids: Shane who is 15-1/2, Lauren - 8 going on 21 and my Lil Foo-Fee, Lindsey. She will be 7 in August!! My little baby is growing so fast!! Lins was my reason for becoming a seamstress.
I was forced to be a SAHM while I was pregnant with her. I had Miss Lauren at home all day and all I did was watch Barney and clean. That got old REAL fast!! Especially when my sweet DH would climb out of the shower and I would swipe the towel off his clean butt just to wash it 'cuz I had nothing else to do!!!
I pulled out my old sewing machine Mom & Dad got me for my Birthday in High School. Talk about dust!! LOL I had used it about 5 times total. To make Halloween costumes. ((I LOVE Halloween!!))
I decided to make a quilt and some bedding for this new baby coming into my family. "Think like an engineer, use your creativity with the colors and textures." I cut me some squares and started sewing. (I asked the JoAnnes Manager, Dyantha, LOTS of questions. She helped me sooo much and deserves a huge thank you!!)
Anyhow, the rest is history. Anyone who sews, or makes things, knows that the more you do, the more you wanna do. Every project spawns another creative project.
That brings me to NOW.
I own the Pink Zebra Boutique, in Katy, Tx. The shop is a 1920's small victorian house, settled on a street under a 100 year old oak tree. For now, the shop is only using up the front 2 rooms of the house, but with the way things are growing, I hope to have the 2 bedrooms and kitchen full of merchandise by the end of the year.
I really enjoy having this boutique... it makes me feel good, like I am doing the right thing with my life. I have always been creative and crafty, so that is the easy part. I have wanted my own store since I met my husband in 1991. We both worked in a shoe store together and talked about plans of someday opening our own. Ahhhhhhhh... the dreams of young & in love!!
Once my youngest started school during the days, I needed to branch out and get out of the house. What better way to do that than to own your own shop??
Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yea. The designs and the designers who sell in this shop make me so proud. I look at their fabrics, their creations, their stitches.
I am a proud Momma.
Well..... I gotta go for now. Time to close up shop, get the girls home and whip up something for dinner. I have a date with my sewing machine and some fabric I have stashed. I'll share with you tomorrow!!
Thank you for stopping by!!
:0) Trevor