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Monday, December 2, 2013

Spamming Baits By Scotty

 photo 1471799_10202583380691818_442550580_n_zpsc3f97679.jpg
My oh-so-creative counterpart has been busy cutting, grinding, sanding, gluing and whatever in the garage for the past several months. It keeps him out of my hair, but also keeps his head going.
I have been after him about his selling technique....giving everything away
He has traded or given away all his cool handcrafted baits!!! So, being the computer krafty of the household, I designed a BLOG and a WEBSITE for him so he can share his kraft and maybe make a dime or 2.
Go check them out!!! Hurry!! You will be amazed at his work!!!

 photo 1450728_10202479905665007_509831481_n-horz_zpsa79acb96.jpg