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Monday, December 2, 2013

Spamming Baits By Scotty

 photo 1471799_10202583380691818_442550580_n_zpsc3f97679.jpg
My oh-so-creative counterpart has been busy cutting, grinding, sanding, gluing and whatever in the garage for the past several months. It keeps him out of my hair, but also keeps his head going.
I have been after him about his selling technique....giving everything away
He has traded or given away all his cool handcrafted baits!!! So, being the computer krafty of the household, I designed a BLOG and a WEBSITE for him so he can share his kraft and maybe make a dime or 2.
Go check them out!!! Hurry!! You will be amazed at his work!!!

 photo 1450728_10202479905665007_509831481_n-horz_zpsa79acb96.jpg

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some New Things!!

Now that Homecoming season is over for this year, I have a little time to focus on some things I have been thinking of making.
Y'all have seen the Texans Denim Jacket I sell for the Mommies, and I have had a wonderful response to that!! Since it was such a hit,  I have added a pint-sized matching jacket and a Houston Texans Twirl skirt to my line!!

Both of these items are ready to ship!! The jacket is an up-cycled, girls size 8-10 denim jacket. Freehand appliqued with the Texan logo and blinged just right.
The skirt will fit a 4-5-6, at 10 inches long. (My model wears a 9 slim.... but she likes the skirt short so it is more of a cheerleader length on her!!)
You can purchase the jacket HERE
You can purchase the skirt HERE
Leave me a comment if you would like either of these in a custom size. C:

For you local Katy Tiger fans, I have a ready to deliver set!!!

The jacket is an up-cycle size 5-6 denim jacket. $95 purchased alone.
The skirt will fit 4-5-6, also 10 inches long. $60 purchased alone. If you would like the matching set, $140, delivered (here in Katy) I am happy to custom make your size, just leave me a comment!!
Buy the SET HERE

Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a great day!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Homecoming 2013 All Wrapped Up!!!

I'm done!! Done sewing for Homecoming 2013. What a fabulous and busy season it has been! Just the way I like it!!
I met some of the BEST MOMS ever this year, and I look forward to staying in touch with them for a long time!!!
Enough of the words, though. I have a HUGE picture show for you to enjoy.!! Go grab some popcorn... These pictures are a totally random order.... I admit to being too lazy to sort them before posting them. Many have been supplied bu 'dem awesome Moms!!! Thank you!!! :0)

 photo 20130913_154245_zps74ab4997.jpg
 photo PART_1380939117674_zps7769a7d9.jpg  photo PART_1380939117694_zps6bf996ee.jpg  photo PART_1380939117710_zpsb8958631.jpg  photo PART_1380907788364_zps1cb40f9b.jpg  photo laurenstaylor021_zpsf71759f3.jpg  photo laurenstaylor019_zpsa977388c.jpg  photo laurenstaylor018_zps1f14e67a1_zps45e0e615.jpg  photo laurenstaylor010_zpsa7ccfdac.jpg  photo laurenstaylor014_zps6c5f0f45.jpg  photo laurenstaylor007_zps342913ab.jpg  photo IMG_52384098393206_zps69796b11.jpg  photo laurenstaylor003_zpsdf434a28.jpg  photo laurenstaylor008_zps6dc5fc13.jpg  photo laurenstaylor001_zps380e5b34.jpg  photo IMG_1942_zps5f712e3b.jpg  photo IMG_1943_zps8c455473.jpg  photo GosmsPhoto1379029427160_zps4d07dccb.jpg  photo GoodLuck017_zps93183ea5.jpg  photo 20130924_213748_zpse31cc43c.jpg  photo Cgosms_2013-09-2409-54-13_zps904757f3.jpg  photo camera293_zps97668640.jpg  photo camera287_zpsaffe7125.jpg  photo camera289_zps39cd3cd0.jpg  photo camera276_zpsca3ad436.jpg  photo camera277_zpse66e3cdb.jpg  photo camera246_zpsfdc0264e.jpg  photo camera243_zpsd6b39b7e.jpg  photo camera250_zpsd869d1261_zps3deb5efe.jpg  photo camera232_zpsf8650858.jpg  photo camera212_zps7788c911.jpg  photo camera210_zps3cd49a1f.jpg  photo camera236_zps0eac0b35.jpg  photo camera191_zpse5bf1021.jpg  photo camera188_zpsde9b8e53.jpg  photo camera184_zpse6fb12e3.jpg  photo camera181_zps5366f8bd.jpg  photo 20131001_203359_zpsa331e49c.jpg  photo 1391968_10200866716778226_1217882054_n_zpsbf8a6624.jpg  photo 1375001_10200866726978481_832269633_n_zps558b198f.jpg  photo 1377085_10200866727538495_280359717_n_zps19da5a00.jpg  photo 1235097_10200866757899254_15417241_n_zps798e6d28.jpg  photo 1379895_10200866739778801_1246441522_n_zps5df13223.jpg  photo 1003708_10200866865101934_2012412922_n_zpsf9c4e2be.jpg  photo 1381935_216726318489564_897321763_n_zpsa1ebbff1.jpg  photo 1378808_10202112743485537_341576782_n_zps35e04c8a.jpg
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