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Monday, June 29, 2015

How I work

I just want to tell y'all just a little about how I do what I do.
Homecoming overalls are an art to me. I take them seriously, and I make the very last pair with as much enthusiasm and integrity as I do the first pair of every season.
My artwork is designed by me and hand created by me. Every pair of overalls I make is unique to your child. Y'all design your custom artwork. Everything (except the bling) is sewn onto the overalls. There is NO PAINT INVOLVED. There are NO IRON ONS. This creates a very unique look, but also makes your childs overalls durable and a keepsake.  You will not have to buy a new pair every year (X 4!!!) and keep on shelling out cash. You make your purchase once and you will be prepared for the next 3 years!! One less item to be worried about come the start of the new school year.
How do I do this????
Well, I start with you and I making an appointment (HERE) and I come to your home with my picture albums so you can look at examples of other overalls I have made. I offer a lot of custom graphics each year, and my collection grows every year as kids become active in so many ways.
While I'm at your home, your child will try on her overalls so I can see how they fit. I may need to make some simple alterations, like making the legs shorter or tighter. (Remember, you supply the overalls. Your child will be happier about the color and fit!!!) I cannot make overalls BIGGER!!
I'll talk with your daughter and write down all of the artwork she wants on her overalls and where she would like it.
Before I leave, I'll go over everything with you and take a payment. I have several options for payment.
1. Pay 1/2 down and the other 1/2 when I deliver.
2. Pay in full and get 10% off your total (Best deal ever!!)
I take cash, checks (must clear before work gets started. Bounce fee is $50) and credit cards. I process credit cards through PayPal, so you can pay through paypal as well.  Lastly, if you bank with Chase, I can accept a transfer (this is great because there are no fees!!)
After payment, I go home and do my thing. I trace, I iron, I cut and I sew!!!
When I finish I'll contact you to set up a delivery time. I like the girls to be there when I deliver so if I need to fix anything, I don"t need to make another trip :0)
I'll get the final payment at this time, if need be.
Do you have any questions??
Are you ready to order??
Let's do this!! I'm excited to meet you!!
:0) Trevor
PS Here is a little something to help you plan your design!!

Overalls Design Sheet photo overalls.jpg

Get Last years pricing until August 1, 2015

Hi Moms (and Dads too!) I have started getting some orders for this years Homecoming I wanted to let you know that I'll be adjusting my prices as of 1 August 2015. If you are going to order for this year, get in quick before August rolls around!! You can contact me HERE to get your appointment!!

Need ideas??? Here are a few neat things I did last year for inspiration!!

 photo PicsArt_1412257888385_zps6yx5ntks.jpg  photo PicsArt_1412257915593_zpsqil0emyr.jpg  photo PicsArt_1412258056457_zpsxhbzulrp.jpg  photo PicsArt_1412258170436_zpsjwveijyp.jpg  photo 100AVIARYIMG_20141003_131657_1_zpsevowcwg1.jpg  photo 20141007_202743_zps6cunqapw.jpg  photo 20141007_202421_zps0qjtkpzn.jpg  photo 20141008_175320_zpszbltqvmt.jpg  photo 20141008_175640_zpsbysjwzyq.jpg  photo 20141008_175758_zps3byvujrk.jpg  photo PicsArt_1412970287472_zpsg3ggtgxm.jpg  photo PicsArt_1412970425801_zpsabfll1v2.jpg  photo PicsArt_1412970656025_zpsfjzldjdw.jpg  photo PicsArt_1412970723872_zpstxtpmyej.jpg  photo PicsArt_1413258242523_zpsyzjk2qew.jpg  photo PicsArt_1413258370146_zpsxh2nrsvu.jpg  photo PicsArt_1413258424635_zpsuozcwaa5.jpg  photo PicsArt_1413259827486_zpssrwcwnu4.jpg  photo PicsArt_1413259896231_zps5kvxdway.jpg  photo PicsArt_1413259953507_zpsozz1mtvj.jpg  photo PicsArt_1413260368289_zpsnlt1yeyt.jpg  photo 20141014_114551_zpsblbtood4.jpg  photo 20141016_164742_zpsxfz9gbtp.jpg  photo 20141016_164749_zpstfs3xi5w.jpg  photo 20141016_164820_zpsnsyrvhq9.jpg
I hope to hear from you soon!!!
:0) Trevor