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Monday, February 4, 2013

Just One Year

Preface: I try to keep this blog fun, positive and light. I like focus on my Krafty-ness and my garden. I rarely talk about "me" and my family, but I had to share this. Although it starts out upsetting and possibly graphic (mom, I know the first photo makes you cry, me too!) this story has a happy ending. I am so blessed!!!
On Monday, February 6, 2012, my 19 year old son was on his bicycle, riding to work. He was leaving the neighborhood when a car doing 40-45 mph t-boned him. The impact brought Shane up onto the hood of the car with his head hitting the window where it meets the roof. He was then thrown about 150 feet, where he hit a fence and then the ground.
My neighbor saw him on the ground, seconds after the accident and sped to our house to let us know. He was hysterical. He was sure shane was dead.
Luckily, there are people in our neighborhood who called 911 and quickly our Westgreen Fire Department and ambulance was dispatched. Their quick assesment and decision to get Herman Memorial Life Flight to the scene saved Shane's life. And for that, I am forever grateful!!!
I remember standing pacing the driveway staring in the direction of where my first born was laying broken and possibly dying... talking with God and Shane. Willing him to be strong, to live. I watched as the Life Flight helicopter came in from the North following Westgreen Blvd until they landed. They were on the ground for maybe 5 minutes. I tracked that helicopter as it traveled Southeast toward Hermann Memorial Hospital downtown, until I could not see it again. Again, praying for my baby's broken body, but knowing that he was under the best care in the entire world. God was cradling him and he was on his way to the best Level of Trauma care in the country.
My neighbor raced my husband downtown to meet Shane and the trauma team there... There was no way he could drive himself!!!! Myself, I was so in shock, I could barely speak, much less gather myself up enough to navigate downtown.
Shane was unloaded from Life Flight.... unable to identify himself. No recollection of the accident (which is a good thing) but also had no idea who he was.
After his initial assessment, the trauma doctor told my husband Shane had a 50/50 chance. To live. He had a fracture to his skull and a fragment of that breakage had lodged itself inside his brain and was causing bleed in his brain. They had to perform emergency brain surgery that night. Shane was put on life support and heavily medicated.
All that night, my friend, Ellen, came to be at my side. To comfort me, to talk and cry with me. I do not think I would have made it without her... She has blessed me since the day I met her. She was Shane's babysitter for several years when he was 5.... and she even sat Lauren and Lindsey when they were little. She is family.
From the crash site, Scott brought me Shane's backpack. It had to be cut from him. Inside, I found his phone... in 3 pieces. I put it together and got it powered up and started calling some of his friends... coworkers. Emmett. Tommy. Caleb. Jacob. Iliana. Jay. Word got around, and we all prayed. We all gave Shane strength. 
The next morning I made my way down to the hospital. As the nurse walked me back to see my boy, she attempted to prepare me about how Shane looked. His wounds, his tubes and stuff. This is what I got.

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Shane was hooked up to every machine possible. As I looked him over, I saw that he he bled out his ears, his eyelid looked like it had a purple golf ball under it, his wrist was bandaged.... But he was alive!!!! He was in one piece (albeit with plates and screws) but he was being cared for by the best team of nurses and doctors!!! His nurse educated me in a way I never foresaw as anything I would need to know... especially first hand. She also gave me the rundown on his injuries:
Skull fracture, 3 broken ribs, lacerated spleen, lacerated kidney, cracked pelvis, left eye socket and cheek bone broken in 4 places and his wrist was dislocated and had some broken bones in his hand.
Shane was on life support for about 52 hours. But but not asleep for all of that!!! Emmett came and met me in the hospital and we were able to talk to Shane!! He would keep his eyes closed, but was able to communicate to us... He laid there listening to us. Taking it all in. Bringing himself closer to us. Later, Lynzie, a mutual friend came down and those kids spent the afternoon talking and giggling like school kids over Shane... Keeping him included and aware of their bond. Even though Shane was in and out and not able to speak, we all knew that Shane was listening.
One week later, Scott and Emmett took Shane for a little fresh air. And some non hospital food, chips!!!
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Fast forward 2 weeks. After surgeries to repair his eye socket/cheekbone, and his wrist/hand, Shane was sent home to recouperate!! WOOT!!

45 staples!!!!!

Happy to finally just be home!!!!
After several doctors appointments and yet another surgery on his hand, 2 months went by and Shane went back to work. His friends and coworkers suprised Shane by giving him new forks for his broken beloved bicycle and a helmet to keep his melon from anymore beatings. 
Shane also got his drivers license in November of last year. 
Thanks to all of the prayers and love, and God's love, Shane has made a miraculous recovery. He is absolutely perfect in every way!! His doctors, including the neurologist, are simply amazed at his recovery. 
Authors note: I have "wanted" to write this post for the past year. I wanted to share this story "as it happens", but I just could not. I think about this event every single day. And when I do, my stomach clenches, I get tongue tied and tears sprout into my eyes, blurring my vision. I cannot talk about this to people. I have such an emotional reaction. My heart pounds, my hands get clammy and my eyes dart around without focus. I never realized how fierce a mothers love for her children could be until one of them was threatened. I also want to mention how humble I am to all of those who rallied for Shanes life and lifted up my entire family durring the hardest days. My workmates took donations to help us eat.... my Boutique friends donated goods for a fund raiser... a local church gave us some grocery money and then rebuilt our shower/bathroom and made huge improvements to the back yard. It was an amazing thing to feel the love of so many. There are just so many unsaid words still. Maybe they are just not for my blog, but for my inner self. For God.
Like a Pavlov dog, I panic every time I hear a siren... My first instinct is to phone Shane and make sure he is OK. But I know better. I am also obsessed with Life Flight!! As I drive past the Katy HM Hospital where it is parked... I send little prayers and thank yous that it was available when we needed it most. I spend as much time outside in my garden as humanly possible.. and the flight pattern for LF is over my house. Every time I hear or see it, my heart pounds in my throat praying they are able to save just one more life.
Here is a picture of my little ladies with Steve, the pilot who flew Shane to Hermann downtown, and the bird he flew in. We took this while Shane was in surgery getting the pin out of his hand. LOL

I now make it a point to hug /kiss my kids every chance I get. Every time they walk out that door, it could be the last. I hate to think that way, as I never did before. I am a very positive person and I look for the good in everything. But in these days, I have to be real. I watch the news. I see the robberies, the kidnappings, the accidents. Kids with guns. School bus accidents. My kids will KNOW how much their mother loves them every second of any crisis they may face. I will always be with them.
Still a mess.... Trevor