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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Where to find Denim overalls 2018

The hardest part of homecoming is where to buy the overalls. So I've put together a list of brands and links for y'all to help you. I'll notate on each brand how they for so you can determine which brand is best suited for your child's body type. I've chosen these brands because they are well constructed and do not have any Lycra, holes, tears, and I've used them before without hassle. (I chose Amazon because many of you have Prime so you get free shipping)
American Bazi
These overalls are everyone's favorite. They have a skinnier leg style. The only cons, they run small so you have to order at least one size bigger. The leg length is perfect for average leg length, but will be short on long legs.


Dickies brand is great. The sizing is pretty spot on. And some places offer a longer length. Cons, the Denim isn't stiff and can wrinkle easily. However, since the fabric is more giving, they can accommodate more curves.


These are the most expensive, but also the best quality. Fit is true to size and are also available in longer lengths. I have nothing bad to say about these.


I have not used these in the past, so I don't know anything about fit. The price looks good and we all know Levi makes great Denim. I would read reviews in this product before ordering.


I hope this helps you find the perfect pair. 
:0) Trevor