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Friday, July 18, 2008

School Starts WHEN????

It will be August 25th before I see this blessed sight....
The school bus, rollin' down my street!!!

My poor, poor, bored little girls. Summer is 'sposed to be for swimming every day, sleepovers every weekend, bar-b-ques and snow cones.
They've been swimming, they have had sleep overs, we BBQ every now and then and they get a snow cone almost every day!! What's wrong with that??
Oh, I know!!! They spend all day, every day, keeping shop with me. LOL They have to clean up their messes so a customer does not trip and break their leg. They have to sing into the Swiffer thingie like a microphone, while playing cool music videos on the laptop. They have to love on the kitty they rescued.
I long for a couple of school days so I can sew, sell and chat with customers without the inevitable "Mom, I want a snow cone." "Mom, I'm bored." I swear my customers must think I have the most ill-behaved children in Katy!!
I sure will miss them, on that fateful day in August, when the big yellow bus comes rumbling down my street. ((NOT!!))

Today was uneventful. I am painting an old Wagon with wooden slat sides. I received it from a fellow FreeCycler. It was old and without ANY paint left. So, Krafty Me is painting white and pink with a black base. I may do zebra stripes... Not sure yet. It was pretty thirsty, and it is drinking all my paint!! I'll post a pic when I finish to show it off. I like to do that!!

Gus, my landlord, cooked a lunch of hot dogs for us today. Yum!! They came on Honey wheat buns!! During lunch, some friends of mine stopped by to check out the new location of the shop. It was fun to chat and catch up!! Hi Gramma Julie!! Hi Sheri!!!

Oh, all that sewing I was going to do last night?? Ummmm... well, uh, yea. Cuddled with the girls on the couch and enjoyed having a night off in which I COULD sit on the couch and do nothing.
Let's see what I can accomplish tonight??

Hi J!!!! :0)