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Friday, July 25, 2008

Senior Midnight

Us girls (Lauren, Lindsey & I) rescued a tiny black kitten about 3 months ago.
Here's the scenario:
The Three of us are walking through our neighborhood and turn onto the main road leading to our house. A van pulls to the side and a little boy jumps out, clutching a tiny black ball of fur. He walks over to the fence behind one of those big covered electrodes. He is stuffing the furball under a fence on a min street. His Mom is shouting to him in Spanish, some directions. She sees us approaching. She hurries the little boy to the car as we get close. (By this time, I have seen everything and know just whats going on. I have whispered to the girls to go and get the kitten.) The girls run over to the fence and grab the kitty. The little boy gets away from his mom and comes to tell us in his broken English that he can't keep the little black kitten. Mom faces me (embarrassed, I can tell), tells me, "I cannot keep this little cat. I have no place in my house for an animal." *Duh, lady, I can see you have no idea how to care for a tiny baby animal* I tell her, "I will take this kitty and find him a proper home." All the while trying to keep a calm manner and not cuss her out. The whole time I was thinking, How would you react if someone was stuffing your 4 week old baby under a fence??
That was rescue number one.
A neighbor Dad thought it would be nice to have a kitty around and decided to keep him.
Mom came home and said, no way, Jose.
The kitty then went across the street to yet another neighbors house. After a few days, I learned that the little girl was forced to give the kitty up... To yet ANOTHER neighbor!!! Um, but not a family where the kitty would be taken care of.
The tiny black kitty ended up in the hands of people who do not feed their animals animal food, put flea collars on them or get them spayed or neutered. Not to mention shots.
Poor kitty.
After a couple weeks down there, the kitty followed L & L home and played at our house!!! He was so sweet.... But DH is allergic to kitties, so he could not come in.
We decided to bring him to The Pink Zebra. So for 2 weeks, he went to work with us each day, and came home to live in the yard at night. He got so much love and attention, not to mention a full belly!!
Rescue number two. Done.
One morning, he was missing when it was time to go to work!!!HOLY!!!
The girls found him down at the not-so-pet-worthy neighbors house... IN the house. The girl who had him was taunting the girls and made them cry.
The next day... Heh-heh.... Little Black Kitty was outside and Lauren stole him back!!!! GO LAUREN!!!!!
Ever since that day, he has been the kitty of Pink Zebra!!!
Rescue three, and three's a charm!!!
We named him Midnight.
The Katy Hardware staff has adopted him as well. Giving him snacks and treats out the back door.
So, the poor 4 month old little black rescued kitty, named Midnight, has lived a Seinfeld Episode in his short lifetime.
Here are a couple more pictures of him and the girls doing their thing in the shop.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
If you ever get the chance to rescue an animal, be it at the Humane Society or from some *wrongful* owners. DO IT!!! It'll make you as warm and fuzzy and the one you rescue. It's the right thing to do.

Have a happy day!!!
T, L, L & M