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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My very FIRST Blog post....

Welcome!! This is my very first time trying to blog... But I felt it was time to start. Better dive in-Everyone's doing it!!
So... a little about me.
I am a Mom, first and foremost... A clothing designer and a Boutique owner. I have 3 kids: Shane who is 15-1/2, Lauren - 8 going on 21 and my Lil Foo-Fee, Lindsey. She will be 7 in August!! My little baby is growing so fast!! Lins was my reason for becoming a seamstress.
I was forced to be a SAHM while I was pregnant with her. I had Miss Lauren at home all day and all I did was watch Barney and clean. That got old REAL fast!! Especially when my sweet DH would climb out of the shower and I would swipe the towel off his clean butt just to wash it 'cuz I had nothing else to do!!!
I pulled out my old sewing machine Mom & Dad got me for my Birthday in High School. Talk about dust!! LOL I had used it about 5 times total. To make Halloween costumes. ((I LOVE Halloween!!))
I decided to make a quilt and some bedding for this new baby coming into my family. "Think like an engineer, use your creativity with the colors and textures." I cut me some squares and started sewing. (I asked the JoAnnes Manager, Dyantha, LOTS of questions. She helped me sooo much and deserves a huge thank you!!)
Anyhow, the rest is history. Anyone who sews, or makes things, knows that the more you do, the more you wanna do. Every project spawns another creative project.
That brings me to NOW.
I own the Pink Zebra Boutique, in Katy, Tx. The shop is a 1920's small victorian house, settled on a street under a 100 year old oak tree. For now, the shop is only using up the front 2 rooms of the house, but with the way things are growing, I hope to have the 2 bedrooms and kitchen full of merchandise by the end of the year.
I really enjoy having this boutique... it makes me feel good, like I am doing the right thing with my life. I have always been creative and crafty, so that is the easy part. I have wanted my own store since I met my husband in 1991. We both worked in a shoe store together and talked about plans of someday opening our own. Ahhhhhhhh... the dreams of young & in love!!
Once my youngest started school during the days, I needed to branch out and get out of the house. What better way to do that than to own your own shop??
Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yea. The designs and the designers who sell in this shop make me so proud. I look at their fabrics, their creations, their stitches.
I am a proud Momma.
Well..... I gotta go for now. Time to close up shop, get the girls home and whip up something for dinner. I have a date with my sewing machine and some fabric I have stashed. I'll share with you tomorrow!!
Thank you for stopping by!!
:0) Trevor