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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kimmie!!!

I know, I know. This is probably something you would rather I did NOT blog about!! Sorry, Charlie. You have been my BEST friend since time began!! Suck it up.
42. Wowza!!
So, whats on the plan for your birthday today??
I was thinking about some of your past birthdays.... Heh-heh.
Remember your 21st????
San Francisco. The club that burned down. We drove into the city, had a couple beers (Saporro??) in the parking lot across the street. There were a couple other girls with us... and for the life of me I cannot remember their names. They went to SJ State with you.
Anyhow, we went into the club and then left again before midnight so you could be stamped 21 and get drinks. Leagally. :0)
I remember the shot buying frenzy. Oh, do I remember. Komokazies, tequilla, buttery nipples. Yalza.
We hit the Paladium for some underground and then I drove home, cuz I was the least drunk.
You puked for an hour when we got home. LOL
Back in time.
Remember all the SWIMMING parties your Mom did for you?? In the back yard of Via Dominguez?? Your MOM must have been CRAZY!!!!
Taking on a backyard full of young girls who could barely swim. Not only that, but your brothers were little and she had to watch them too. Talk about a SuperMom. She would put on a spread of food like a freakin' restaurant. I think everyone in school wanted to be your best friend so they could attend your birthday parties.
And then the sleep overs. Complete with BBQ NY strips and homemade pasta. (*Secret ingredient is melted butter) Your Mom is the bomb.
And I am 42 and just realizing how much your Mom did for you and your brothers. I guess sometimes it takes being a Mom to realize how much they do for you when you are young.
So, my bestest friend, Kim, this blog post is dedicated to you and all the happy memories of growing up being the luckiest person in the world to be YOUR best friend.
I so miss you. I wish I could teleport myself to CA and be there for a night on the town as 40-something Moms. (Cougars???)
My thoughts are with you, about you and wishing you the best birthday yet.
(I hope this is an acceptable substitute for a mailed birthday card...)
I love you!!