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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Showing the Houston Texans a Little Luv

I just entered a sewing contest at a local reputable sewing shop. I only found out about it 2 days ago, and with all my Homecoming Overalls, I had no time to "make" a new entry. So, I grabbed Lindsey's Texan Jacket and made a twirly skirt to match from Licensed Texan fabric. Something I have not made since my Pink Zebra days!! I was surprised that I remembered how!! LOL I added a little bling to the jacket, snapped some pictures and I was off to submit my entry.
I never win contests, but then, I really never enter anymore either. However, they are awarding 4 top notch machines, one for each category!! And everyone knows, I REALLY NEED A NEW MACHINE!!! Mine has been fabulous. Absolutely amazing. I have made billions of items with it. I even hauled it to North Carolina and made something for my brother and his new wife when they got married. It was probably the best investment I have ever made in my entire life.
Now, I hope my work pleases the judges and they choose my work and award me one of those shiny beauties so I can put it to work!!!
Here is what I made:

From the phone photo IMG_58299719317662_zps1d547146.jpg
From the phone photo IMG_58308092271125_zpsddd2c3c0.jpg
From the phone photo IMG_58314311956627_zps7fee06cf.jpg
From the phone photo IMG_58322686343508_zps02b3f7ca.jpg
One last unofficial picture, cuz Nosey Rosie was afraid of the nearby thunder, and had to be *rightnexttome*
From the phone photo IMG_58288539374865_zpse3a10b00.jpg
Love these girls. Rosie and Lindsey.