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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Short Cut to Homecoming Overalls??

Gosh, it sure is hot at Homecoming time here in Texas!!!!
Ever think to yourself, "Who talked me into to wearing the heaviest pair of denim overalls in the world, all day, all night, in the scorching heat???"
Problem solved. Shortalls. KraftyMommasStyle.

Lindsey and I photo mrhsshortalls002_zps9acaf0eb.jpg
I made a pair of Maverick Overalls for the Pep Rally last week. Same look, shorter style, and I did not sweat my bum off!!!
shortalls front photo mrhsshortalls004_zps41dbdbe0.jpg
Mavericks!! photo mrhsshortalls005_zps36192197.jpg
shortall back photo mrhsshortalls006_zps17414a95.jpg
Cute, coming and going!!
lettering photo mrhsshortalls009_zpsfde5b86f.jpg
These would be seeewwww cute paired with a cowboy hat, zebra leggings and black cowboy boots!!!
Just putting this out there for all you girls looking to be different, fun and comfy. Finding shortalls is easier, and sewing them up for you is easier... so the price is easier too!!!
:0) Trevor