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Monday, August 19, 2013

7th Grade Cheerleader Spirit Stick

My youngest made the cheer team for the upcoming school year! I am the proudest Mom ever.... And about to be THAT CHEER MOM. Who would have guessed... Right? Well, i put my kraftyness to work and made the spirit stick for those 7th graders!
First a look at my cheer princess...

Ok, now the stick.... Lol
First i put a little love in it.... Every girls name, and the coachrstooo, all attached to a jingle bell. Stuffed them into the stick. When you shake it, all the bells jingle. And when a girl gets awarded the sick, they can shake it and know that the whole team us always behind her. Teamwork!

Then i went to town, over the top, decorated until my fingers were covered in hot glue, paint and glitter!

I am happy with outcome. Kinda reminds me of a homecoming mum.
I have school spirit, how about you!
C: Trevor

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