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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Color of Things to Come

Yep. CPSIA is like a disease with me. I eat, drink and sleep it. You can imagine how much I TALK about it. :0)

I had the pleasure of attending my very good friends' daughters' baby shower this past Saturday. Kristin and her husband, Noah, are expecting their first child. A girl, named Isabella. Bella for short. It was sooooooo nice to get out of my regular routine of doing for others and allowing some time for me. I ate fried food, chatted with other women, drank a glass of wine. If I had hair, you could say I let it down for a couple hours!!
While I was there, taking snapshots of all the baby gifts Kristen received, I realized that CPSIA will affect baby showers after February 10, 2009. All those cute and colorful toys, clothing and bibs.
((See?? No matter what I am doing, CPSIA sneaks in a takes over!! It affects EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!!))
Especially all the handmade items.
You see, last week, the CPSC made a sort of exemption for handmade. Under current ruling, one must have EVERYTHING tested for lead. Be it by XRF gun scanning, or third party accredited labratory, every item deemed for a child 12 and under must come equipped with a GCC (General Conformity Certificate). However, the CPSC decided that 100% cottons, 100% cotton/wool yarns and untreated wood will not have to be tested. All of these fibers may not be treated in any way, shape or form. No dyes, no paints, no color.
So I am posting before February 10, 2009 pictures and after. All that I will be able to afford to make for children (if I choose not to spend 1,000's of dollars testing) is stuff with no color. Me and a 100's of other handmade clothing crafters.



What do you think? Do you think it will come down to this for us handcrafters?? No more color??
Please leave me a comment.