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Friday, January 9, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust - Thanks CPSIA

As those of you who know me have noticed, the bouncy, positive, happy-go-lucky Trevor has not been around for a while. She's bee hiding behind denial of any wrong doing and pretending that everything will be "just fine". I made the realization yesterday, that it will not be fine. Not for a small Boutique containing nothing but Handmade goodies for children. These very goodies, sought out by many Moms who want their children to stand out in a crowd, will be banned hazardous substances come February 10, 2009. It makes me cringe.... knowing how hard us Moms work to put out a safe and beautiful product, all made with our two hands. Those very products which are fine today, will be trash on Tuesday the 10th. National Bankruptcy Day.
I was in the mindset to go rent the XRF gun and make time to test every item in the shop.... detail all the findings etc. Pull anything with any lead content. But why? I would only have to continue renting the XRF at $400 a day until August when third party testing and certificates on compliance will be mandatory for each item. And then what? 1,000's of dollars to test items that sell for $15?? Hell no.
So, in compliance, I am closing the doors to the Pink Zebra on Saturday, January 31, 2009.
Until then, if you would like to make some purchases, all items will be available in the shop at a ridiculous discount. There will be no lead certs, so don't ask, LOL
At least I can say I did not go out of business for lack of sales and customers. I have a wonderful following of Moms!! I will have to say I went down because of a new law. I did not bomb as a designer, on the contrary.
And don't me wrong, CPSIA, I plan on fighting you until you give up and roll over to show me your belly. I am on you like stink on poop!!!
I have decided that I will keep on offering creative wearable art for 13 and up. I will start early on the production of Homecoming overalls for the local high schools. Denim jackets, cool jeans. My market will just change. *sigh* I will miss making the cute little baby twirl skirts and baby quilts.
But!!! On the positive side, I will less stressed, I will have more time for my family and I might actually start making money, instead of constantly investing it.
So, thanks CPSIA, for giving me this huge headache, and redirecting my creativity. I guess. I hate you with abandon. You will never truly know how much you have hurt me and so many others. We are good people who love children and never dreampt of doing them harm.
BTW, where is my silk screened Wordle shirt?? :0)