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Saturday, January 3, 2009

CPSIA *The Saga Continues*

Well, here it is, January3, 2009. A brand new year. Exactly 2 years ago the Pink Zebra Boutique was founded. A deposit was made, paint purchased and the excitement was started!!!
Now, in our new location and sales happening, the CPSIA has cast a weary glow. I am trying, I really am!! I am done being in denial, done trying to read between the lines and done trying to make my shop exempt.
I got away from my PC for 3 seconds the other day and Googled XRF rental places and found one close by house (of all places!!) Houston has everything!!
Here's the dirt. I can rent one for $400/day to test the items in my shop. Everyone's stuff. (I don't even think I have $400 in inventory right this minute!! HA!!) I will have to photograph everything and then take lots of notes. Hopefully, the gun I rent will be pc compatible, meaning I will be able to download all the scanned info directly into my laptop. That will help bunches if I ever do get questioned by anyone important. I wil be able to provide whatever information I have to show that I am at least TRYING to be compliant to this new law.
I am not planning on renting though, for a few more weeks. It seems that Monday, January 5th, is sposed to be a day in which some amendments might be made. I am kinda waiting to hear something. I do have my fingers and toes crossed, just in case.
In other CPSIA news, a very stupid woman, incredibly full of herself, did a report on FOX news yesterday. OMG!!! She was fed misinformation, got the facts wrong and if I am correct, she only HEARD about the law 5 mins before going on air!!! *rolling my eyes*
Sooooooooo.... a few fellow Twitters & I sent her a tweet or two to let her know her facts were wrong. Yea, well, heh-heh. Can you say, "Cat fight"? I am cracking up!! She is so totally caught in the headlights, but insists that she is right.
I would post her video, but I don't wanna make you barf. That would mess up your keyboard.
((Hey, did you notice I am not whining and bitching tonight?? I took a couple of pajama days, and I feel so much better!!))
I will leave you with a few links to some blogs and whatnots with more outlook on CPSIA and its impact on the handmade community. You really should read them. Very informative and they will make you an informed reader, parent and consumer.
Challenge & Fun
Fashion Incubator
LA TIMES news article
My Charmed Life A well versed blog entry regarding CPSIA
National Bankruptcy Day
Have a fantastic Sunday, friends!! Happy sewing or whatever!! Thanks for stoppin' by!!

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word to your readers. I'm glad to see rentals for xrf are available in our area.


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