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Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Not to make light of our current situation with CPSIA, I just could not resist this monster doll created by Mini Monster on Etsy. It alone, tells a story!!
Today is January 28, 2009. The CPSIA Bog-In. Thirteen days left til Bankruptcy Day. *Ho-Hum*
My worries are no longer focused on MY shop and business, but on other far reaching effects of the CPSIA.
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Resale Shops
  • Sports Equipment
  • Equipment for Handicapped
  • Goods for the poor
Mark Riffey posted a Press Release of which I printed several copies and have been distributing to local area business in Katy to give them awareness and motivate them to DO SOMETHING!!
Last night while waiting tables at Babin's (my alter ego) I had the pleasure of meeting some retail reps for sporting goods. They supply children's bicycles and other equipment to local stores. One newer rep was only RECENTLY notified of CPSIA and she had VERY little knowledge on the subject. I found myself going into my whole educational spiel (sorry about that!!) while they ate dessert (Mmmmmm, bread pudding!) I ended with handing her my card with my blog on back so that she and her fellow employees could get more information. I have tried to be informative here, and provide links to other well known writers on the subject. I am *hoping* she gets a chance to learn more, not only to help us in supporting OUR views, but to help her in her job.
Wow, I have a ton more to write, but I am sooooo late for the shop, I better "GIT". I will post yet another post tonight!! Stay tuned!!
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