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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Bright Light during a Gloomy Time

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jaden Moore, who is 4, today.
His Mom brought him by the Pink Zebra to do a little bargain shopping.
Jaden was asleep when she brought him in, but he quickly opened his eyes and was ready to look around himself. He woke up in place for kids, he could sense it down to his toes. It took about 30 seconds of convincing him that the little white rocking chair was OK to sit in while Mom shops. After that, we chatted for a bit and I showed him my most favorite rocking horse. :0)
Jaden stood up from the chair, gently placed his beloved blankie in it and hitched his denim leg over the horse.
"This is a racing horse. He goes reaaaallll fast!"
Whadda Cowboy!!
Oh yea, my friend. Jaden brightened up my gloomy day!!! I feel as if I have a permanent scowl on my face these days.
Thanks, Jaden's Mom, for stopping in to see us today. I am glad I had batteries in the camera today to capture your son's happiness and freeness. It was catchy, and I found myself skipping just a little bit for the rest of the day.



PS I want to apologize now for any grumpiness lately. Lots of stress and closing the store is just not that easy for me.