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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ahhhhh. Satisfaction.

So, sometimes I break the rules a little. Yep.
I got a call last week, from a student, asking if I could make her Homecoming overalls. She was certain on what she wanted on them and had done all the research. It was past the "cut off" date for that school.... But....but... I said yes.
So I spent the entire day today creating this favorite pair of overalls.


Meet Kaitlyn. She is a Sophomore at Taylor High. She has fabulous manners and interacts with adults (well, me, if that counts). She communicates very well and says what she means. It is tough to find a teen with her stature! Kaitlyn is in FFA this year and will be raising a goat. My favorite part of her overalls, is Gilbert, the goat. (I named him that, not her!)



:0)  Trevor