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Custom Homecoming Overalls FAQs How much does it cost to have you make my overalls? The “basic” is where I start with your custom ...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Homecoming Mums

Just thought I would share a few places to get your Homecoming Mums this year, since I do not make them.... although, maybe I should?? Maybe when the girls get into High School. Hmmmmm, but the overalls take up most of my time (my poor laundry and dirty kitchen, LOL)
Be sure to check out my latest post about Diane Parker, a local Mum Maker:
Diane Parker

Don't forget to order your Homecoming Overalls soon!!! Space is becoming limited and I really do not want you to miss out!!
You are welcome to email me here KraftyMommas@aol.com to reserve a spot... A deposit will secure your pair!!