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Thursday, October 16, 2008

An interview with a Pink Zebra Model

KMB: Hi Kate, would you like to introduce yourself?
Kate: Well, I am Kate Marie Kindle and I am 3 months old. I have 3 older brothers, and a Momma and a Daddy.
KMB: Three big brothers, huh? How is that??
Kate: Hmmm, I really like having big brothers.
KMB: Do you have a favorite?
Kate: I love to sit with Parker in the mornings and watch TV. He is so snuggly and safe. But then Brett likes to bounce around like a maniac, and he's so much fun. Crew likes to kiss me like a big 'ole wet puppy dog.... So it is hard to decide on a favorite. They are all perfect brothers in their own way!!
KMB: That's great, Kate!! How about a favorite color? Are you into Fall's new trends??
Kate: Pink!! I love PINK!! My favorite animal pattern for the Fall is Zebra. It goes with so much and I think it's a bit on the w-i-l-d side!!
KMB: We love Zebra here too!!! Can you leave us with some inspiring words for other aspiring baby models??
Kate: Always keep trying! I am working really hard to get turned over so Mommy does not have to help me anymore. Keep smiling and giggling at the world and they will smile back!!
KMB: Thank you Kate, for your modeling and your inspirational words!! I hope to see you on the circuit again soon!!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kate models 'Lil Zebra twirl skirt set by KraftyMommas Boutique with a TuTu Headband by Knot Your Average Bow.