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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hola, Gustav

Are you coming for the Texas Coast? I hope not. And I also hope you get second thoughts about hitting New Orleans like Katrina did. Thats just too much for us Southerners to deal with in this economic twist we are in. Have a heart and turn away, or just have fun for a while over the Gulf and then rain yourself out.
Here is the projected path of Gus, and Texas (Galveston in particular) is about 125 West of the eye coming on shore, according to this prediction. Others show the eye coming on shore in New Orleans, LA. It has only been three years since the catasrtophic Katrina came through whipping her wind and spouting her water. So many people lost their lives, lost their homes and displaced.
*There are just some things in life where I wish I could just SNAP my fingers and change the course of natural disasters before they happen* Only in the movies...... for now.
....how come none of the hurricaines will ever be named *TREVOR*?....