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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Rescue and an Update

Meet Bandit. Princess Bandit.
She did not look so good a week ago.
I am such a sucker!!!!
Here's the history: Nine years ago, Gustavo Mendiola opened his Rustic Furniture business, Casa Mendiloa, in a little Victorian House in Old Katy, Texas. He had a kitty..... she had kittens, they had kittens..... A few years later, Gus moved his growing furniture store across the street where he could blossom. Kitties have continued to reproduce under the old house and move out over time.
Thats where Miss Princess Bandit came from. A decendant of of the original Gato de Casa Mendiola. She was born sometime in June, after I moved into the little house and set up shop. Not sure of the exact date. Over the past couple of months, I would catch glimpses of little black & white ears, a pink a nose or a skinny tail scampering under the house when I would walk to the back to borrow a tool.
A week ago, the owner of Katy Hardware (my East neighbor, proxy by parking lot and storage), was out back holding the tiniest ball of grey and white fur. She was nuzzled so deep in his armpit, I could barely see her face. Story is this little kitty survived an animal control raid on several ferral cats in the neighborhood. (I DID notice that there were not-so-many-kitties around). The girls BEGGED Ray to let us have her for the day to feed and pet.
She spent the first 3 hours curled up, ears back, tail between her legs. Every move, every sound made her look like she was going to jump out of her skin. When let down, she seemed too terrified to move anywhere and twitched continuously to bite at fleas.
I immediately put a flea collar on her and sprayed the carpets. Her twitching stopped within an hour.
We fed her, cuddled her, loved on her. She was pretty beat up, phyically. Scratches. ear mites, a scab on her hind leg.
Nurse Lauren took fabulous care of her.
By Wednesday, Bandit would come to her name, purrr, meow and rub her little face on us. You can see by the pictures, she has a great new home and animal lovers to take care of her now.
Welcome home, Princess Bandit. =^.^=

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Whatta man.
He is soooooo BIG!!!
What with Bob at the Hardware store feeding him every day.... LOL

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*Off to work on more pictures for my next post*