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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's Uuuuuuuuuup??

That's what my Quaker Parrot, Toby says. LOL I'll ask him, "Whatchya doin', Toby" and then I hear, "What doin'?" in the sweetest little voice. Then the "What's up"'s start.... Like 50 in a row in all different tones and intonations. Like he's looking in a mirror and rehearsing for an audition and can't quite make up his mind which part he wants to play.
So, what's up with y'all??
I got a phone call (but I was at work, drat!!) from my Aunt "Patio" in Michigan. I got a really long message from her about missing all of us... awwwww. How sweet. I miss you too, my sweet Auntie!!
Over the past weekend, the girls and I had a slumber party in the living room and I woke the next morning to see all 3 of my girls all cuddled together!!!
Rosie managed to finagle her own pillow, too.

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Update on the dreaded ringworm outbreak: We are all clear (officially) to go back to school and work!! WOO-HOO!!! We have been in the *infirmary* for almost a week now. Gads, it seems like a month!! The sores on my face have healed considerably and the girls don't look so much like leopards, but you can still see where they were. The Doctor assured me that they will heal completely as no one scratched and broke the surface causing a secondary infection. (I found the most disgusting picture on Google of a guys chin with ringworm that was so badly infected and showed to the girls. They were SOOOOOOOOOO GROSSED OUT they would not even touch their sores!!!!)

OK, back to work!! I have a mountain of things to get ready for the show and I am so excited to go and see every ones things!! Lisa and I have a terrific plan (all her plan!!) to set up our little shop booth!! I PROMISE to bring my camera (its on the list) so I can share everything with you!!
Cross my heart!!
...enough, Trevor....