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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good News!

A BIG thank you to all of you who read my blog about Kathryn and her situation!! Here is her FaceBook post this evening:
"Hi Everyone! It's Kathryn, I'm finally at the store where there is internet and I can thank each and every one of you for your generosity and kind hearts!! I can't even begin to express all the love in my heart for you guys, or to express how thankful I am. Even though we didn't raise the entire amount the management company agreed to take what we had and they will work with me for the rest!! Again, I just don't have words to express all that is in my heart right now. Thanks so much for the continued support and prayers, keep spreading the word about where we are. Lisa and I intend to start the cloth diaper meetings back up in January and there may even be a knitting class on the agenda!!!"

A great way to end a day.
Now, I just need to round up a few toys for her boys for Christmas and then I can take my Elf hat off. Anyone wanna send some things??
With Love and Christmas Cheer, Trevor

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