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Friday, January 13, 2012

New year, new toy and new product

Happy new year everyone!! My Holiday schedule was mind boggling, so I have not made a post....
For Christmas Miss Lindsey got a Kindle Fire. It is an android run computer tablet. Oh so cool. Games, youTube and FaceBook at the touch ofq the screen!!! Laurent and I were so jealous, we saved our monies and bought one to share! LOL This post is brought to you by Kindle! (In fact I have no clue how to add pictures yet so I will have to edit later from my Pc)
Since wehave these fabulous machines I HAD to make a cute way to cover them for on the go and when not in use. After 3 designs I came up with one I like and I think you will too. If you need one, just comment on this post below. Cost is $18 plus shipping.
Thanks and have a fantastic 2012!!!