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Monday, December 12, 2011

Local Business: Beyond Unfortunate. This is Personal.


Meet Kathryn Baker, owner of the Children's Carousel, wife to a disabled and blind gentleman and Mom to 6 grandkids.
I met Kathryn when she took over my rental spot I had for the Pink Zebra. She utilized the (my) painted walls and opened a resale shop with a Boutique corner. This business was/is desperately needed in our area with this economy. Quickly, she outgrew the tiny space and moved to a bigger spot and then expanded even more. Rent in Old Katy is big bux, so she (very smartly) moved the booming business to a location off I-10 and Apple White. In the meantime, Kathryn and her husband adopted 3 of 6 grandkids, due to some burdens out of control. She did not want them going into the foster system.
This where things start going awry. On a normal Saturday in June, Kathryn's husband goes to take a snooze and has a stroke. He wakes up and can't see. Panicing, Kathryn rushes him to the hospital only to find out he has suffered 2 strokes AND a heart attack. His cartoroid arteries are blocked (1 @90%, 1 @ 100%) and he needs a bypass. After a few surgeries, Bill still has no sight and shortly after, his insurance has run out.
The house. Making payments on a house when there is no income is impossible. 
Bill is retired AND disabled. Kathryn opened her resale shop out of love and dreams, never once thinking her family of 5 would rely on this tiny income to support her family.
The house will be sold out from under her in January. Kathryn and her family will be homeless.
The Carousel will close THIS Wednesday, December 14, 2011, if she cannot raise the rent plus a little back rent from when Bill was in the hospital. She is doing all she can right now... big sale, taking any and all donations, PayPal or in person. Best yet, visit the shop and make some purchases. That benefits everyone!!
If I could personally bail her out, I would. But I will be lucky myself to have a gift for my own kids under the tree this year. Everything is so tight this year.
(any amount helps)
I personally thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read this post, stepping into action and saying a little prayer for this entire family.
***If anyone local wants to donate a TOY or GIFT for the 3 boys (age range 3-10) contact me KraftyMommas@aol.com
:0) Trevor