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Saturday, February 7, 2009

CPSIA and My Five Favorites

Bankruptcy Day is only TWO days away, and I have been thinking about how my (and my children's) lives will be changed forever. I am making a list of (only) 5 of my FAVORITE things that will be affected on February 10, 2009, forever.


1. Tee-shirts. As a kid I always loved wearing tee's with silly graphics and pictures of my favorite rock bands. My kids are following in my footsteps... Hillary Duff, Taylor Swift, Vans Tennis shoes. Even silly ones like "Can I recycle my brother?". No more silly, trendy tees for my kids.


2. Halloween!!! I would have 5 Halloweens instead of all the other Holidays!! We love to dress up in the craziest of KraftyMommas Boutique costumes, complete with tons of accessories we often buy at the Dollar Store and WalMart. This year, in 2009, we won't be able to do much, as it will cost THOUSANDS of dollars to have these extravagant costumes tested. Not only that, but last years prize winning costumes will not be legal to sell on eBay, due the cost of testing requirements.


3. Resale shop-hopping. The girls and I LOVE checking the resale shops for things to paint and craft with. But we also love to buy clothes and stuff for play and dress up. Sometimes we even find items for our Halloween costumes. Most of the resale shops by our house have stopped taking children's items for fear of getting caught selling/stocking and illegal item. They are scared of what COULD happen, since they do not possess an XRF gun or the money to buy one.


4. Garage Sales. Yep, I am el-cheapo. I love garage sales. When the kids were babies, I bought 3/4 or their wardrobes from garage sales, and we still do frequent them. One can never have too many pairs of shorts here in Texas, nor can a girl have too much Barbie crap. I refuse to buy certain things at retail, when I know it will get lost, forgotten or thrown away, LOL Now, I guess, not-so-much.


5. My creations. (I saved this for last) I love the fact that I can make so many different things for babies. That people seek me out to make that special quilt or coming home from the hospital outfit, is such a blessing. I have been bettering my sewing skills every day for the past 8 years to get to where I am now. Not only have I lost the freedom to create for others, but I have lost my brick and mortar shop as well. Over the course of 2 years, I built up relationships with designers and customers alike, and now I have to bid them adieu. Many will hang on to our friendship, but without the common bond, others will slowly fade and begin buying mass produced crap for Target and Walmart, as they can squeeze that cost of lead testing into their production line.

Now that I have shared with you, I want you to share your top 5 in the comment section!! PLEASE list your top 5 Favorites the CPSIA will ruin for you on Bankruptcy Day, February 10, 2009.
(If you blog your TOP %, please share your link and link back to me!!!!)

Remember, EVERYONE will be affected by the CPSIA, EVERYONE.

**EDITED** to add 5 Favorites Blogs:
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