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Monday, April 27, 2009

I know, I know.....

I have abandoned my post as Blogger for over a month now... Geeeeeezzz
Here is my excuse:
I got nothin'.
Zip - Zilch. LOL
Update on me: After a bout of walking pneumonia and yet another round of antibiotics, I am FINALLY beginning to feel more like Trevor again. (Yea!)
Since closing the Pink Zebra, I have not been creating. I have been avoiding the sewing machines staring at me from my dining room table. Except for the curtains and quilts I made for the girls bedroom, I have made nothing. The CPSIA crap just totally did me in. It killed my spirit and my *want* to make anything for the little ones. And I hate it (actually, I hate the thoughtless authors of the darned law!)
I have been given a quest!! I have a secret project to make for a friend.... She saved some things and I have been given the job to create something new from something blue... I can hardly wait to share, but I have to keep the secret for a bit longer.
As so many of my friends on Facebook reminded me last week, I have celebrated yet another birthday. Woot!! Thanks for all the shout outs from friends past and present. I had a fabulous lunch at SaltGrass with my dear friend, Marsha. MMmmmmm... with a slice of cheesecake for desert. Yummy!!
Other than that, my friends, work, clean the house, hang with the dog. I have just been laying low. Hangin' tight and working at Babin's pretty much every night.
I do try to be home on Modays for Dancing with the stars and Thursdays for SurvivorNight.
Here is a shout out to all my old PZB customers: I jst dropped off all my left over stock at the very same address and old house on First Street, but theres a new owner in town: Kathryn of the Childrens Carrosel. She sells some consignment clothing (new and used) hnadmade cloth diapers and tons of toys. Shes even got strollers, highchairs, carseats. You name it. She is so packed in there she will be moving to a much larger location in a month. I will keep you notified as she will have a special KraftyMommas section jst for them new babies!! Ye-ah!!
Yes, KMB will be making a new baby line that is completely CPSIA compliant.
You are welcome to leave me any ideas you have for the new line!! I.E. some colors, appliques or themes you would like to see!! I am happy yo ablige!\
So, my friends and followers, thanks for taking time ot of your day to catch up with me today. I look forward to getting my blogging back on and getting my crazy world back to a normal pace.
:0) Trevor