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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Most of you who KNOW me, know I have had "IBS" for the past 20 years or so. Good days, bad days.... I have tried meds, diet, less stress.... Everything to try and correct what has been *diagnosed* as IBS.
However, at my last Doctors appointment, for my heart, she prescribed a really strong antibiotic. And with that antibiotic, she recommended I drink one or two DanActives a day to keep the good flora in my digestive system. (The antibiotic kills ALL the bacteria, good and bad and in the digestive system. In fact, according to WebMD.com, you can get a form of Colitis up to 3 months AFTER taking the antibiotic!! WOW!!) So, since I am scared to death of having/getting anything to upset my digestion, I scrambled to the store and started taking 1-2 DanActives every day while I was taking the antibiotics.
Lemme tell you.... I have had the HAPPIEST digestive system I have had since I can even rememeber. I am *on time* and not only that, I can complete an entire cycle (ifyouknowwhatImean). No more stock-piling for a week or more and then eliminating a million times in one day, making my stomach ache and feeling nauseated and unable to eat. No more bouts of diarreah. I feel great!!
More benefits, as they advertise: DanActive helps to increase your immune stystem so you won't pick up bugs all the time. We'll see if that holds true.....
One last benefit: I have lost FIVE pounds since I started drinking the DanActive. I do not know if it was the "build up" or the fact that my body is digesting what I need or even that I am not craving crap food much anymore. I don't care, I am just not bloated anymore and that makes me *feel* in better shape.
So, I urge you, go try some!! Just for a week or two. You tell me what you think!! Leave me a comment if you believe!!