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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Losing Faith

As I was in my cute little shop today, sewing some lounge pants together, for children under 12, I smiled. Then I blubbered up and lost a few tears.
Looking around me..... at so many talented designers clothing, handbags, booties, scarves, hairbows....
So much talent. So much work. So many consumers who want the handmade touch.

After catching up on blogs & forums last night, I realized how much this CPSIA crap is really going to hit come February.
No one gives a darn about the little cottage companies. The faith I found in some places changed overnight.
It's not just "Kid stuff" anymore.
The government wants EVERYTHING tested.
Everything except the very carpet my 2 girls crawled on for months, the pillows on their beds, the pencils with LEAD in them.
Guess my girls will have to go back to cribs to keep from the danger of lead.
I should pull them out of public school, for fear a pencil may enter their mouth while studying.
How about the carpet they just put in over the summer? I know that with the durability it has, there has to be SOME chemical in it to preserve the color, to make it dry fast and to make it last. Those chemicals will make my kids just as sick as if I were to make them some appliqued jeans, or a twirlie skirt from some zebra fabric at Hobby Lobby.
How quickly things change when you finally think things are going in the right direction.
Last year at this time, I was almost ready to throw in the towel on my little shop, because my location relied so much on another business on the same lot.
I fixed THAT by moving to a Victorian House with my windows overlooking a very busy street. Everyone knows where the Pink Zebra is now!!
Now this hurdle, testing for lead by sending it to a third party laboratory..... *shaking my head*
I cannot afford it. I really do not think any of my designers can afford it.
I am trying so hard not to give up. I need to see what the new year brings. I need to have faith. I need to be positive.
But I also have to be realistic and realize that the whole bill won't be changed to a point where the little guys like me will ever have chance.
No more Boutique, no more craft shows, no more handmade gifts for the new babies.
I am so sad.
Wanna help??
Look to your right>>> Over there>>At the top>>
Go vote to make a change on this bill.
Then I want you to sign this on line PETITION
After that, please, email your local reps HERE (the verbiage is already there, just fill in your name and stuff)
We'll start there and I hope you all will do these things. Every single thing helps, whether you make handmade or buy handmade or just simply like me!! LOL
:0) Trevor