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Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the Meantime....

This thing with CPSIA is consuming me. I mean entirely.
I found someone who has been greatly educated on the law. Her name is Kathleen and she has written publicly on all the aspects. She even has invited people like me, the small time manufacturer of children's clothing to her forum. The forum has awesome information from people way more educated than I, and with much longer arms than I.
Her posts are found here.
After researching so much and learning so much ,my brain is literally hurting (maybe from the awesome headcold my kids gave me?) but I cannot seem to get my nose out of the computer.
I applaud Kathleen for all her diligent work. I am sure she will be the one who makes a difference in this matter.
Thank you, Kathleen!!!

PS. I have emailed letters to all 3 of my Texas Senators, Oprah, the ladies of The View, Martha Stewart... All these women, esp Martha would be excellent spokeswomen for this cause!!!

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