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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CPSIA??? No More Handmade??

This is all still new and a bit confusing to me, but evidently, sometime in August, George Bush signed a Bill regarding CHILDREN's clothing, accessories & toys.
Here is what I understand.
Due to all of China's mess-ups with LEAD content in toys and unsafe additives (like plastic!!!) to baby formula, the United States has decided that any item for children under 12 that a child will touch (including clothing that will go on their bodies) will have to be MANDATORILY TESTED for several chemicals, including lead and phthalates (a plastic). There are more things, I am sure, but I can't think of them right now.
Anyhow, this affects so many WAHM's who have chosen to stay home to raise their children (not letting the Daycare do it) and "Craft" as a business. And, it affects ME, twofold. I have my own line of baby and children's clothing, blankets and what-not's, but I also OWN the Pink Zebra which showcases 12 Handmade Designer's items. All of these Mom's who sell at the PZB help to support their families and rely on their skills and creativity to make a paycheck.
Is it fair for the Legislation to make this Bill and put us all out of business??
Heck NO!!
I want to be there for my kids as they grow up, I NEED to raise my kids on a daily basis.
I can do this with the *job* I have now, one I have worked for 8 years to become successful at.
Another twist.
I have been reading about many European Toy Companies who supply us with "natural" toys (wooden learning toys, for example) that have decided to pull out of the US because of this bill. The cost of having each individual toy tested would far outweigh any thought of profits for these eductaional, manipulative toys.
Sad, so sad.
So, like I said, I really don't know everything about this yet, but I will find out.
So, there is the problem, and I have a solution.
Simple.... At least in theory, and for clothing designers like myself.
All fabrics and textiles (like yarn, glues, adhesives, etc.) should be tested BEFORE they hit the store shelves. The materials we use in our designs should be safe BEFORE we, the consumer, makes the purchase. Duh!!
If this bill continues into the new year, a HUGE conglomerate of women will forced to shut down their sewing machines, put down their crochet hooks and walk away. We will have to close the doors on the self made businesses we've work long and hard for and go stock shelves at WalMart to pay for child care. For SOMEONE ELSE to raise our kids.
I am pissed off at GB for blindly signing this bill and not taking into account who and how many is affcted by his naitivity.
Not sure if I will be able to pardon him.