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Monday, June 6, 2016

Where to purchase Overalls 2016

The hardest part of getting overalls is actually finding them. 
Only a couple of local stores actually carry these denim wonders, and even then, they are in men's sizes. (which is perfectly OK because I am a seamstress and can alter them a bit so they fit better)
When looking at buying overalls, be sure to check the materials used to make them. Most of the new fashionable, "skinny" and cute overalls are made with stretchy lycra. This is great if you just want cute overalls. However, not great when I am sewing non stretchy fabrics to the overalls. These overalls, when complete, end up being tight and uncomfortable.

Here are a few brands I find absolutely perfect for creating the most durable and comfortable overalls that will last 4 years of High School and beyond.




Locally, the Tractor Supply, in front of the Merrill Center, has men's sizes available. You need to go early to get the smaller sizes as they do not carry ladies. You can also purchase on line HERE
Other local places to try are :




Don't forget to try AMAZON

My last recommendation. Please do not buy overalls that are TIGHT. In order for me to make the artwork on the legs and backside, I do have to take the overalls apart and put them back together. The artwork combined with the resewing the legs back together makes them fit tighter than original fit. IF you are unsure about the fit, always caution on the larger size. Also, I will check the fit on my visit to your home so I know how much altering is needed to make them fit more perfect.

I hope this information is helpful!!!

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