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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Need Ideas??

Not quite sure what Homecoming Overalls LOOK like?? Can't decide how to decorate yours?? 
In this post, Ill show you some examples of what the 2015 girls put on their bibs. 
I used to design with the mascot on the bib, however this past season, we went a little crazy and designed outside the proverbial box. I wanted to urge the girls to get creative and put other items on the bib, such as their sport or passion. I even managed to combine sports and mascots into one design to make them even more WOW!!

 photo spartan 2015.jpg  photo PicsArt_1439789941255.jpg  photo 20150826_202746.jpg  photo 20150902_151900.jpg  photo 20150905_143346.jpg  photo 20150913_180327.jpg photo 20150917_204431.jpg   photo 20150930_154411.jpg   photo 20151010_143752.jpg  photo 20151010_143322.jpg  photo 20151010_144336.jpg  photo PicsArt_10-23-08.26.46.jpg photo PicsArt_1439789941255_1.jpg photo 2016-06-6--17-21-03.png  photo 2016-06-6--17-25-12.png  photo 2016-06-6--17-51-32.png  photo 2016-06-6--17-56-57.png