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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Texas A & M Boutique Denim Jacket


I have not been very good at keeping up with blogging. Sorry. I seem to be apologizing a lot lately... LOL
My excuse?? Working, sewing, cleaning, kids, travel and my addiction to FaceBook. OUI!!!
Here is a little denim jacket for all you Aggie fans.



It is a Tommy Hilfiger unisex size 5. It should fit a 4/5, maybe with the sleeves rolled up, then to a 6/7. Lindsey, my model is a skinny 7/8, and it fits her well.
Trying to get it listed on my website, but it is not responding.... Rrrr
The price is $65, 70 with shipping. It is one of a kind. I *may* be able to make another in a different size, however finding denim jackets right now is tough. If you HAVE a jacket you would like designed for you custom, just leave me a message!! :0)