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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Custom Homecoming Overalls FAQS

Custom Homecoming Overalls FAQs

How much does it cost to have you make my overalls?
The “basic” is where I start with your custom design.
The “basic” includes The bib art, one word down one leg and one word on your bottom.
The “basic” is $185.00.
Is it expensive to get more things on my overalls??
It can be, but not usually. Most completed overalls designs are $225-250. Of course there is always one or 2 pairs I make each year which exceed $300. It’s not unheard of.
I have a price list for custom add ons so you can decide how much or how little to put on them.

 photo extra prices 2.jpg

 photo extra prices 1.jpg

Do I supply my own overalls?
Yes. The reason is due to the many different body shapes and sizes, I like for the girls to have chosen the color, fit and price that is right for them. There are too many variables when just choosing a size “medium”.

How do I order? How does all this work??
First, you get some overalls. Then you contact me and set up an appointment for me to come over to your house, or we can meet somewhere like Starbucks. I’ll bring my order forms and pictures of past designs so you can decide how to design your overalls. It’s that easy. I do all the work. You can make an appointment here: https://kraftymommas.youcanbook.me/

How can I help design my overalls??
Use this guide to get started so when I meet you, I get an idea of what you like!
Overalls helper photo overalls.jpg

           Can I make payment arrangements??
I have several options for payment.
1. Pay 1/2 down and the other 1/2 when I deliver.
2. Pay in full and get 10% off your total (Best deal ever!!)
I take cash, checks (must clear before work gets started. Bounce fee is $50) and credit cards. I process credit cards through PayPal, so you can pay through paypal as well. 
Lastly, if you bank with Chase, I can accept a transfer (this is great because there are no fees!!)
After payment, I go home and do my thing. I trace, I iron, I cut and I sew!!!

How long does all of this take??
Each pair of overalls takes about 30 hours from beginning to end to create. Homecoming overalls are an art to me. I take them seriously, and I make the very last pair with as much enthusiasm and integrity as I do the first pair of every season.
My artwork is designed by me and hand created by me. Every pair of overalls I make is unique to your child. Y'all design your custom artwork. Everything (except the bling) is sewn onto the overalls. There is NO PAINT INVOLVED. There are NO IRON ONS. This creates a very unique look, but also makes your childs overalls durable and a keepsake.  You will not have to buy a new pair every year (X 4!!!) and keep on shelling out cash. You make your purchase once and you will be prepared for the next 3 years!! One less item to be worried about come the start of the new school year.
With that said, most orders are completed in 2-3 weeks. During the busiest part of the season, (September and October) It can take 4 weeks.

READY????? I am!!!! C: